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Temporary license

Professional Version

CYPE's version for construction professionals.

The user acquiring the version can make use of it at any time. He/she has access to all the CYPE programs and modules that have been purchased, without any imposed time limits, i.e., the programs can be used indefinitely*.

CYPE’s Professional version requires for the user to possess a device or electronic safety key which provides the user with access to the acquired programs and modules. This safety device can be physical (physical electronic key) or virtual (Electronic License).

The physical electronic key is sent to the client when the license is acquired and within it are recorded all the use permits of the CYPE programs and module that have been  purchased.

Using the electronic license, the user has access via internet (previous identification with a personal name and password), to a CYPE server where the acquired programs and modules are saved. The user must have a permanent broadband internet connection.

A specific DVD does not exist for the installation of the Professional version. Using the CYPE programs installation DVD or the file available from the Downloads area of our webpage, the Professional version or any other version can be installed. During the installation process, the user will be asked which type of version is to be installed.

More information can be found at:

* Given that you are using a computer and an operating system compatible with the version of the CYPE programs you have acquired.

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