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CYPE Professional Version


A version for Universities.

CYPE offers different ways of using its programs with the same features for all of them. These are the Professional version, Evaluation version, Temporary license and Campus version.

The Campus version is similar to the Temporary license version only it has been specially designed to be used in university public networks which function under Eduroam1 (education roaming), as do numerous Universities worldwide (Europe, Canada, USA, and some countries in Asia and Oceania such as China, Japan, Australia or New Zealand).

The Campus version allows for CYPE programs and modules to be executed with a University for a specific time, usually one academic course. To be able to use the programs, a key, provided by CYPE or the University must be introduced, as well as having a permanent broadband internet connection. It has been brought about exclusively for non-professional academic use, whereby it can be used in public networks via port 110.

A specific DVD does not exist for the installation of the Campus version. Using the CYPE programs installation DVD or the file available from the Downloads area of our webpage, the Campus version or any other version can be installed. During the installation process, the user will be asked which type of version is to be installed.

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1 Eduroam (education roaming) is an initiative at international level which intends on creating a single mobility space within the academic community. This single mobility space integrates a wide range of organisations that, based on a use policy and a series of technological and functional requirements, allows users to move between them and have any of the mobile services they need available to them at all times. The ultimate objective for users, upon arriving at a different organisation, is for them to have access to an internet connection, to the services and resources of their original organisation, as well as access to the services and resources of the organisation receiving them; all with maximum transparency.


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